HESEB Inauguration (12 June 2022)

From right to left: Stefan Albani, Member of German Bundestag MdB, Wajih Owais, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Jordan, Otmar D. Wiestler, President of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers, Bernhard Kampmann, Ambassador of Germany to Jordan and Khaled Toukan (leftmost), Director of SESAME, about to cut the ribbon of the HESEB BEAMLINE (© SESAME 2022).

The installed HESEB beamline prior to the inauguration ceremony (© DESY).


The row of honorary guests at the HESEB inauguration (©SESAME).


The unveiled plaque at the HESEB inauguration (©DESY).


The HESEB project team and SESAME staff one day before the inauguration (© DESY).



Installation at SESAME in Jan 2022

The installation team of SESAME, FMB and DESY (© Wolfgang Drube, DESY).


Beamline (Assembly of Components at FMB in 2021)

PGM (Assembly at FMB in 2021)